Vaccination pass: “Is it compulsory for catechism? »

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The vaccination pass is not compulsory for children attending catechism, since it can only be required of people over 16 years of age. “In general, the functioning of the catechism is modeled on that of schools, which are not concerned by the vaccination pass”, confirms the Conference of Bishops of France (CEF).

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For the chaplaincy of colleges and high schools, the same rule applies, since the school has escaped the vaccination pass to allow the continuity of education defended by the Ministry of National Education. For the animators, the pass is on the other hand obligatory, which “is also part of the continuity of the rules applied at school”, explains the CEF.

Mass is also not affected by the vaccination pass. During his speech on July 12, Emmanuel Macron listed the places affected by the measure and did not mention places of worship or religious ceremonies. ” Due to the constitutional protection they enjoy, places of worship cannot apply for the health pass. “, had explained Matignon to The cross at the time.


What about wearing a mask?

As for the mask, it is not necessary if the catechism takes place in a school or in a patronage listed for extracurricular activities, explains the site of the National Service for Catechesis and the Catechumenate. On the other hand, it is compulsory for students gathered in a parish hall.


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