Vaccination pass: after Castex announcements, first dose injections on the increase

Appointments and first injections increased over the weekend. But 9% of eligible French people still have no protection against the virus.

At each speech by the executive, appointments to be vaccinated jump. With the prospect of the implementation of a vaccination pass, which the government hopes will be adopted by the end of January, more refractories have decided to take the plunge. Saturday, December 18, they were 15,330 to reserve a slot on Doctolib, or 8,483 more than a week before. Among them, 14,609 agreed to communicate their age to the platform; and those over 60 accounted for only 7.6% of the total. An encouraging figure but to put into perspective with the more than 250,000 appointments blocked for the booster dose that same day …

In practice, 34,944 first injections were carried out on the day of December 18, up 15% compared to December 11, according to data from the Ministry of Health and Solidarity.

There is always a long way to go to convince the recalcitrant. 90.9% of eligible French people (over 12 years old, the Haute Autorité de Santé has not yet authorized vaccination for all 5-11 years) received at least one dose of serum on December 16. This therefore means that 9.1% of them have no vaccination coverage, a fraction of the population sufficient to saturate hospitals. As of December 19, 2,936 people were in intensive care, a level equivalent to January 2020.

Now only the vaccination will be valid in the past […] We assume to put the strain on the unvaccinated because critical care services are mostly filled with unvaccinated people», Declared Prime Minister Jean Castex on Friday evening.


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