Vaccination open to 18-49 year olds from May 31

The government wants to go faster. This is the message that Jean Castex wanted to convey by announcing Thursday, May 20 the advancement to May 31 of the opening of the vaccination against Covid-19 for all adults.

Jean Castex also announced the opening of vaccination for priority professions, such as teachers or law enforcement, regardless of their age, from May 24.

This acceleration of the schedule comes as France passed the 20 million mark on May 15 who had received at least one dose of vaccine. The next government goal is to reach 30 million people vaccinated first by June 15.

Still rare niches

Before this announcement, June 15 was the date chosen to open vaccination to all 18 – 49 years. In this age group, high-risk pathologies already have access to vaccination, pregnant women from the second trimester of pregnancy and, since May 1, all adults with co-morbidities.

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Since May 10, all French people over 50, without conditions, can be vaccinated. In centers where there are still appointments available the day before for the next day, all adults regardless of age can book a time slot, but this opportunity remains rare.

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In addition, slots in vaccination centers have been reserved since April for 55-59 year-olds who are very exposed to Covid-19 by their profession, such as teachers, childcare professionals, police officers, bus drivers, truck drivers, cashiers or even health workers. ‘interview.


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