Vaccination of adolescents: the agreement of both parents is no longer required

On September 30, except for rare health-related contraindications, the youngest from 12 years old will have to present their QR code to go to the cinema, their sports club or their theater class. In order to obtain this sesame, they must present the negative result of a PCR test of less than 72 hours or have received two doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, as provided for in the law on the extension of the health pass, adopted on 25 July and entered into force on Monday, August 9.

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For this vaccination, the parents’ opinion will no longer necessarily be requested, as was however the case on June 15, date of the expansion to over 12 years. Both parents, like the child, then had to give their consent before the injection. Now, only one parent is sufficient if the child is between 12 and 15 years old. Beyond that, at 16 and 17, the adolescent can do without any parental green light. The idea, argued elected officials, is to “Simplify” procedures and to give the last word to the parent in favor of vaccination in the event of disagreement.

“I should have financed tests”

Sophie, mother of two teenagers aged 14 and 16, thus welcomes a breakthrough. “My ex-spouse does not want to hear about the vaccine, arguing the lack of scientific hindsight”, she sighs, while she herself is in favor. “If he had been able to persist in opposing the vaccine, from September 30, I would have had to fund tests every three days so that the children could continue to have a social life. It was not normal that he could oppose the vaccination without being committed by the consequences of his decision. “

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There remains one last difficulty, however: “The parental consent form posted online by the Ministry of Health is still not updated and still requires the consent of both parents”, she slips.

“One will just have to give in”

Another atmosphere at Gwenaël and Mikaël, two Lorient residents who participated in the demonstrations against the vaccine. “Our own children are too young to be concerned, but we are very shocked by the provisions which concern the older ones. While, in many families, parents are already struggling to agree on their children’s education, now one is just going to have to give in. This is delirium! “

In fact, the parent opposed to vaccination has little means to make his voice heard, confirms lawyer Guillaume Valdelièvre. “He can certainly go to court but has little chance of being heard because the judge will no doubt be content to monitor the application of the law. “

This difficulty was highlighted by the Catholic family associations during the examination of the text by the Constitutional Council. They had warned, unsuccessfully, of a breach too important in their eyes to the principle of joint parental authority in the name of health policy. “Of course we are not opposed to vaccination on principle, thus advances Pascale Morinière, their president, but we regret that both parents are no longer associated with an important choice concerning the health of their child. Conversely, it seems to us that a discussion between them was necessary on such a subject. “


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