Vaccination: adolescents top the list of appointments

As the holidays approach and the more distant perspective of the start of the school year, the youngest segment of the French population seems mobilized to be vaccinated.

It did not take a seduction operation to encourage adolescents to invade vaccination centers. Since the opening of the appointments for 12-17 year olds on Tuesday, the young French people concerned are eager to obtain a slot and receive their doses as quickly as possible. This trend was confirmed throughout the week, during which the youngest age group unquestionably occupied the first place in terms of appointment booking.

The figures concerning vaccination are enlightening, as the online booking site Doctolib can see. Past the effect of “surprise“Which had invaded the company Monday (62,000 reservations in a single day by teenagers), the appointment setting was maintained at record levels among young people. Thus, 41.38% of the slots allocated on Tuesday June 15 concerned 12-17 year olds, i.e. 100,299 appointments. Appointments were somewhat reduced at the end of the week, but this age group remains in the lead. This Friday, 24.6% of the slots were reserved by young people aged between 12 and 17 years old, which represents 34,237 appointments, followed by 18-24 year olds with 17.7% of the appointments made.

This dynamic also seems to be facilitated by the possibility of reserving slots online. As teenagers are more adept at Internet reservation methods, the percentage of appointments made directly on the platform has jumped. We observe that during the week of June 14, 80.59% of the appointments were made on the internet. In comparison, this rate only reached 15% at the end of January, a period when the youngest were not yet eligible, against 85% of appointments made manually by an agent.

The confident executive, avenues for optimization

Among the reasons behind such a mobilization, we can cite the imminent departures on vacation. Indeed, the summer holidays are fast approaching, many French people are eager to receive their injection to avoid repeated PCR tests.

To be able to meet this strong demand, the executive is thinking about new ideas. Already Tuesday, the Ministry of Health confided in wanting to set up “complementary devices for adolescent vaccination“. Among the avenues mentioned, we find “mobile teams” or “beaches reserved for vaccination centers“. These consultations take place in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education. The government has the 2021 school year in mind and intends to avoid any case of additional school closures.

Faced with this strong mobilization of adolescents, the government does not hide its relief and underlines “the rather strong enthusiasm for the vaccination of adolescents which manifested itself at the beginning of the week», We say to the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. Indeed, this new stage of the vaccination process gives the opportunity to 3.5 million additional French people to receive their dose against Covid-19. This is good news for the government, which advocates its intention to offer the best possible accessibility to the French and ultimately achieve collective immunity so coveted.


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