Unjustified fines, impossible payment … In Paris, the nightmare of motorists faced with the bug of the parking site

At the origin of these problems, a technical concern on the side of the technical service provider, chosen by the City of Paris, to host the city’s parking system.

Receiving a fine is never a pleasure, especially when no offense has been committed … This is what happened to a number of Parisians who received several post-parking passes in their mailboxes to pay for. that they were in good standing. “Got two tickets in a week and my husband got three even though we have a residential parking pass and paid for the week», Explains Sandrine, resident of the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

In zone 1, the post-parking package, the name of the parking fine, was increased in early August from 50 to 75 euros. In zone 2, the fine also increases to 50 euros, against 35 euros before. Several days later, the couple still received the same tickets but with an amount of zero euros to pay.

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At the origin of this problem, a technical problem on the side of the technical service provider, chosen by the City of Paris, to host the city’s parking system. “This anomaly lasted quite a long time, three weeks, between September 16 and October 9, despite our many requests for it to be resolved.“, Highlights the town hall of Paris which wishes to specify that all the fines set incorrectly will be automatically canceled and for the users who have already paid, they will be refunded to them. “The software did not detect the parking ticket. It did not work but it is now resolved», Explains the town hall.

But this anomaly was not the only one noticed by Parisian users. As for the renewal of residential parking cards, the situation was also complicated. As a reminder, the price is set at 1.5 euros per day with a flat rate of 45 euros per year.

Same problem for Tina, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris: “For three weeks, I have been trying to renew my residential parking card, but the site is not working. I can’t pay“. This motorist was afraid of not succeeding in renewing her card on time and having to pay the rates for non-residents, namely 12 euros for two hours from the 1st to the 11th arrondissement. Fortunately, payment was again feasible from today …


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