Unions looking for new members

The employee centers want to rejuvenate and retain their militant base, which is withering and aging.

For the unions, it is the other number that counts. In addition to the results achieved in professional elections, which allows the list of representative organizations invited to national negotiations to be determined every four years, the central organizations scrutinize the number of their members. With the approach of the congresses – at the beginning of June for the CFDT and FO and by the end of 2023 for the CGT, the CFTC and the CFE-CGC – each wishes to be able to display the most extensive ranks, reflecting their influence in private companies. as public. The concern is daily and leads the centrals to compete in ingenuity to attract new recruits and bail out aging staff while the unionization rate in France has fallen below 10%.

Having many members is what gives us a solid, legitimate organization to speak on behalf of employees. But it also allows us to secure our results in the elections and establish a certain financial autonomy…

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