Unfortunate Mainz 1: 2 bankruptcy: grade 4 for penalty unlucky Zentner!

“We weren’t ready,” complained coach Bo Svensson (42) about the weak start in Augsburg. But the decisive scene put Mainz at a disadvantage at 1: 2: A joke penalty led to an early deficit. After that, the 05ers were better, but didn’t reward themselves. BILD still gives the scorer Silvan Widmer a grade of 2.

The individual player review:

Robin Zentner: Let the ball bounce too far before the unauthorized penalty, admits: “My stick error” – grade 4

Sylvan Widmer: Very strong game by the Swiss, not only because of his goal. Had constant offensive urge – grade 2

Stephen Bell: This time he seemed insecure, especially with the Augsburg standards. So with Hahn’s supposed 2-0, which was not given because of handball – grade 4

Alexander Hack (until 78th): Unobtrusive performance by the defender. Then had to give way for more offensive power – Note 3

Moussa Niakhate: Fought his way into the game, but brought little impetus. After all, he had everything under control defensively – Note 3

Aaron Martin: Frighteningly weak in a duel and with few advances. The standards came to be imprecise – grade 4

Dominik Kohr (up to 62nd): When he returned to the yellow card suspension, he did little at his previous job. Lost sight of Vargas at 1-2 – grade 4

Jae Sung Lee (until 52nd): Very diligent performance by the Korean. Had to leave early after his grueling international trip because of stress control – Note 3

Jean-Paul Boëtius: Cream pass to Widmer, which equalized. Also much better than last time – Note 3

Jonathan Burkhardt (until 77th): Missed the huge chance to make it 1-1 before the break when he played around goalkeeper Giekiwicz and only hit the side netting. otherwise pale – grade 4

Karim Onisiwo (up to 93.): Great cross to Stach, whose header was defused by Giekiwicz. A lot on the road, but little penetrating power – Note 3


Anton Stach (from 52.): Was initially rested, then brought a lot of momentum. He didn’t succeed in anything decisive – Note 3

Kevin Stöger (from 62nd): He drove the ball forward, but he also had no way of averting defeat. No more grade.

Marcus Ingvartsen (from 77th): Still had the equalizer on his feet in the final second, narrowly missed – no more notes

Leandro Barreiro (until 78th): Took a job at the back so that the edges Niakhaté and Bell could go forward on the final offensive – no more notes

The trainer:

Bo Svensson: Tried everything, but initial sleepiness and penalty misjudgment ruined his plans – Note 3


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