Unemployment insurance, training, heritage… What to remember from Emmanuel Macron’s announcements for the self-employed

The President of the Republic presented this Thursday morning about twenty measures to support the 3 million self-employed workers, affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Emmanuel Macron gave a smile to artisans, traders, liberal professionals, gathered this Thursday at the congress of local businesses (U2P), at the Maison de la Mutualité, in Paris. The Head of State has indeed announced a plan specifically dedicated to them, on which Alain Griset, his Minister for SMEs – who is none other than the former president of the U2P has been working for more than a year. .

This plan “Aims to guarantee each of the 3 million self-employed people who form part of our territory a fairer, simpler and more protective environment for the development of their activity”, had underlined the Elysee before the intervention of the Head of State. It includes about twenty measures, structured “around three requirements“, Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday:”protect against the accidents of life, provide better support, from creation to transmission and simplify procedures.

The first axis relates in particular to the status of the self-employed and the protection of their assets in the event of default. The Macron law of 2015, which made the exemption from seizure of the main residence of private individuals automatic, is extended to all personal property. In view of this development, the EIRL (individual entrepreneur with limited liability) status is set to disappear. Only the status of individual entrepreneur will remain.

Administrative simplification

The plan announced by Emmanuel Macron also insists on social protection for the self-employed. From January 2022, the optional insurance plan against the risk of accidents at work and occupational diseases, the cost of which is high, will be reduced by 30%, with no impact on the services offered.

On the support component, the President of the Republic announced a simplification of access to unemployment insurance for the self-employed, to facilitate their retraining. The eligibility criteria for the self-employed workers’ allowance (ATI), judged “too restrictive», Will thus be relaxed. All self-employed workers who cease their activity will now be able to receive unemployment insurance once every five years. It will no longer be necessary to place oneself in a liquidation or reorganization situation, and the income criterion will be relaxed. “The condition of an income exceeding an amount of 10,000 euros will be maintained only for the best of the two years preceding the request.“From ATI, said Emmanuel Macron.

On the training of the self-employed, deemed insufficient by the Head of State, he announced the doubling, as of next January, of the tax credit for training all managers of companies with less than ten employees.

This plan also provides a response to another strong demand from the self-employed in business transfer. Excessive taxation often discourages them, when the time comes for retirement, from transferring their structure, which they prefer to close. Each year, more than 30,000 businesses, especially craft businesses, disappear for want of a buyer. To avoid this pitfall, the President of the Republic announced a reduction in the tax rate in the event of a business transfer during the ten years following the takeover, “In particular to boost the recovery of business assets”, one emphasizes at the Élysée. This measure is estimated at around 100 million euros.

Finally, the procedures with Urssaf will be simplified. To meet a long-standing demand from these professionals, their contributions will now be calculated and paid in real time. From one month to the next, the self-employed have significant variations in income, and the delayed payment of their contributions weakens them, especially in times of crisis as has been observed when during the Covid-19 pandemic. . Likewise, at the start of 2022, a single reference site will be created to simplify access to administrative and legal information for these business leaders.


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