Uli Hoeneß on Lucas Hernández: “Everything is ridiculous, completely gaga”

Prison plain text from Uli Hoeneß (69)!

The former Bayern boss commented on Monday evening on the sidelines of the premiere of the new Amazon Bayern documentary “Behind the Legend” on the case of Lucas Hernández (25). Because the 80 million transfer threatens the Spanish prison!

Hoeneß on the impending jail stay of the star kicker: “I think that’s ridiculous. That’s gaga. He’s married to his wife and should go to jail now? That’s gaga. ”Clear words from Hoeneß, who himself sat in prison for 21 months from June 2014 for tax evasion. The Hernández case, however – an absurdity for the former Bayern boss!

On Thursday it will be decided how things will go on with Bayern defense star Lucas Hernández Photo: Tom Weller / dpa

Background: In 2017, he disregarded the ban on approaching his then girlfriend Amelia Llorente (34) when he flew with her on vacation – a punishment for violent behavior against his partner, with whom he is now reconciled and married, and their son Martin (3) has.

Last week, Monday, Hernández was officially notified by the criminal court in Madrid that he would be served a six-month prison sentence within ten days. This ten-day period ends on Thursday. What then happens to Hernández – still completely unclear.

If Hoeneß has its way, Hernández will stay at large …


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