UFC star Paige VanZant: Now the cage beauty is peeling off

Now Paige VanZant (26) is driving her fans completely crazy!

The martial artist has been one of the UFC’s biggest stars for years – she has now switched to bare knuckle fighting (boxing without gloves!).

But now her fans are really freaking out.

Because the fighter has opened her own Internet portal on which she drops the covers.

In the past few years, the cage beauty has already shown herself on Instagram with sexy poses. But her fans kept asking if she wouldn’t do a nude shoot one day.

But Paige always refused – she didn’t feel like having her own OnlyFans page (popular with porn stars).

With Insta stories like this, Paige wants to attract her fansPhoto: Instagram / paigevanzant

Now the turning point. She has now launched her own website.

Fans can now see even more skin for money.

It is not yet clear when fans will see their Paige in the ring or cage again. She lost her first fight at Bare Knuckle Fighting on points.


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