UFC star Conor McGregor: New Lambo Protz yacht for almost 3 million euros!

If he can’t fight, then at least splurge a “bit”…!

UFC megastar Conor McGregor (33), currently in rehab after breaking his shin, sailed across the water in his brand new Lambo Protz yacht at the weekend! What a part! Almost three million euros expensive, specially pimped for the Irishman!

Everything under control, Conor McGregor at the helm of his Lambo Protz yachtPhoto: Instagram/ Conor McGregor

The hammer: McGregor bought the yacht last year. Only 63 models are planned. The super sports boat for McGregor is only the twelfth that Lamborghini has ever completed and delivered.

And because McGregor ordered a special version, completion and delivery just took until now. Conor had the yacht branded by his Irish whiskey company Proper No. Refining Twelve. The paintwork allegedly devoured another mere 465,000 euros. Peanuts for McGregor!

The proud captain took his family on board and proudly announced on Instagram: “We are officially taking delivery of our brand new Lamborghini Sport Yacht! But first the most important meal of the day.” First have breakfast, then drive out!

Before the trip, Conor and his family enjoyed the sun on deck

Before the trip, Conor and his family enjoyed the sun on deck Photo: Instagram/ Conor McGregor

Whether McGregor will step into the ring again is still questionable. After his horror injury in July 2021 when he broke his shin in a fight against Dustin Poirier, his comeback should be on the rise earlier this year. However, that fell through, as did the next appointment in April. Whether it will work at UFC 276 on July 2 is more than uncertain.

The fans fear for their star. After all, he can spend spring and summer on his new Lambo Protz yacht. A big consolation!


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