UFC: Megastar Jon Jones is completely freaked out when he is drunk!

He’s causing a scandal again!

UFC megastar Jon Jones (34) was arrested in Las Vegas last Friday. Now it became known what the former champion, who always causes trouble, did.

The report of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, which BILD has, describes that Jones was on Friday morning with other people on the way to a strip club before the police arrested him.

But what happened? The security service at Caesar Palace, where Jones was staying with his fiancée Jessie Moses and their three children, had called the police.

Moses had therefore approached the security service to ask for a key for the hotel room. The employees noticed that it was full of blood. When asked about this, she burst into tears and stated that she was afraid to return to the room.

Jones had left the room at 10:30 p.m. and returned around 5:30 a.m. heavily drunk. According to Moses, Jones was “not very happy”. Jones had pulled his fiancée by the hair so that she could not leave the room.

Jon Jones during his arrest in Las VegasPhoto: RV / AP

But where did all the blood come from? Moses explains that her lips were simply dry. Jones had become “a bit physical”. The policeman suspects, however, that Jones struck. The youngest of the three daughters (8) asked the security service to call the police.

The police called arrested him a little later on the street. The UFC megastar continued to be aggressive, rammed his head on the hood of the patrol car and offered the officers a duel.

It was only when he was threatened with the use of an electric bat that Jones calmed down. He had previously accused the officials of “ruining the greatest night of his life.” Jones had previously been elected to the UFC Hall of Fame.

Jones was eventually released on bail of $ 8,000. According to ESPN information, the hearing is scheduled for October 26th.

Jones commented on the incident on Instagram and said he would stop drinking from now on. “I’ve been through too much trauma to consume alcohol. My brain can no longer handle it, I leave it in the past forever, ”he wrote on Instagram and assured improvement.

The UFC reacted immediately and downgraded Jones to second place in the cross-weight ranking. The new number one is welterweight champion Kamaru Usman (34).

UFC President Dana White, 52, later said, “This guy has a lot of problems.”


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