Uefa wants to abolish financial fair play! Will there be a revolution?

Is there a salary cap in football after all?

The European Football Union (Uefa) intends to propose the abolition of financial fair play in September and instead introduce a maximum salary for clubs. The “Times” reported on Thursday.

But there is still a way out for big clubs. The article goes on to say that the upper salary limit can be exceeded by paying a “luxury tax”. The new rules are to apply from 2022 and initially for three years.

Accordingly, the clubs should only be allowed to use a fixed portion of their income for player salaries. There is 70 percent in the room, as is currently already practiced in the Spanish league.

If the upper salary limit is exceeded, the so-called “luxury tax” should be paid to UEFA. This money is then to be redistributed to the clubs that obey the rules.

According to the “Times”, however, further sanctions up to and including exclusion from European competitions should be possible if clubs permanently spend more money than stipulated in the regulations.

On Wednesday, the former Bayern board member Karl-Heinz Rummenigge again spoke out in favor of stricter financial controls. “It already exists in the form of financial fair play. It just needs to be adapted and used more stringently, ”said Rummenigge of“ Sport Bild ”.

UEFA boss Aleksander Ceferin is also striving for a change, especially as the gap between the big and small clubs is getting bigger.

With the Financial Fair Play introduced eleven years ago, the clubs are currently allowed to run a deficit of a maximum of 30 million euros over the past three years. This can be offset by external donors, otherwise there will be sanctions. In view of the pandemic, however, there was easing.


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