Uefa Euro 2020: Kylian Mbappé criticizes storm partner Olivier Giroud

Before the duel against the DFB team on Tuesday, the striker dispute in France is still not settled!

After the 3-0 test against Bulgaria last Wednesday, the two-time goalscorer Olivier Giroud (34) accused his colleagues of poor teamwork. It’s not a big secret that he was mainly referring to storm partner Kylian Mbappé (22).

He spoke to the media on Sunday – and confirmed that he wanted to give a press conference one day after Giroud’s statements. “I wanted to come to the press conference on Thursday to express my point of view. I talked to the coach about it and he said it wasn’t the best time to do that, ”he said.

The tension between the two still doesn’t seem to have been completely resolved. Mbappé says of Giroud’s statement: “We have spoken out. He was expressing a feeling when he said that. It does not bother me. I have the same feeling 365 times in one game. ”

When asked again how far he was hit by Giroud’s words, he replies: “He told the press, not me. I prefer when he speaks directly to me in the cabin. He knows where I am in the locker room. I speak to my teammates in a friendly way, so I prefer him to speak to me directly. “

There are noises that coach Didier Deschamps (52) cannot use at all before France’s European Championship opener. At least on that point, everyone in the French team should agree.


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