Uber plans to expand in India, will hire about 250 engineers

Ride hailing platform Uber said in its statement on Wednesday that it is going to recruit around 250 engineers for its teams in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. This is because Uber wants to expand its operations in the country. Uber Senior Director Manikandan Thangarthanam said that the current round of hiring of qualified engineers will help the company develop rider and driver growth, delivery, eats, digital payments, risk and compliance, marketplace, customer observation, infrastructure, edtech, data, safety and finance. Technology teams will get strengthened.

In fact, according to Uber’s senior director, the company is expanding its teams to serve more people around the world and is looking for qualified engineers to collectively bring mobility to all global markets. The total workforce at these centers is expected to reach 1,000 people by the end of the year.

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Manikandan said in his statement that the company has started looking for skilled engineers to create new teams and connect existing ones and these new engineers are Uber Infrastructure, Eats, Marketplace, Risk and Payments, Uber for Business Marketing and Advertising Platform. Will work on

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Uber engineers are now accelerating digital payments in many countries and using machine learning and artificial intelligence to digitize many parts of Uber’s operations.

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