Uber Fare Hike: Now it will be expensive to travel by Uber, the company has increased the fare, know why

Uber Fare Hike: Uber India has announced a hike in fares citing a rise in fuel prices in the country. Uber India director Nitish Bhushan said on Thursday that the fares have been hiked so that the burden of rising fuel prices does not fall on the drivers of Uber.

The company told this reason for increasing the rent
Nitish Bhushan told that the matter was raised with the company among the drivers. He said the spurt in fuel prices has affected everyone, especially the ride-sharing drivers who feel it more. Nitish said that it has always been the endeavor of Uber that drivers consider joining it as an attractive option. Increasing the fare will increase their per trip income.

Uber drivers will see payment mode and destination
The company said that now before the drivers accept the ride, they see the destination of the riders. They also see the payment mode before starting the trip. Uber has also introduced a new process of paying the driver per day.

No discussion on ride cancellation and surge pricing
Uber, however, did not discuss the issue of driver cancellations and surge pricing. Only last week, the Central Consumer Protection Authority has warned companies like Uber and Ola to redress user complaints like cancellation of rides, cancellation charges, random surge pricing, excessive waiting time. Failure to do so may result in fines for companies.

Keeping a close eye on companies
Central Consumer Protection Authority’s Chief Commissioner Nidhi Khare has asked these companies to fix their algorithms within 30 days. Nidhi Khare has said that companies should fix the algorithm related to ride cancellation and surge pricing or else they will be fined. The authority had received several complaints against companies like Uber and Ola. Users say that cab drivers pressurize the rider to cancel the trip, due to which the riders have to pay cancellation charges. According to sources, the Department of Consumer Affairs will also issue new guidelines related to surge pricing and ride cancellation.

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