U21 plan for the European Championship: With poker evenings to the European Championship

The U21 European Championship in Hungary and Slovenia is fully dominated by the corona pandemic! The preliminary round will take place in just one week, there was no training camp. The German team arrived just two days before the first game against Hungary on Wednesday (9 p.m. / Pro7 live) and has few opportunities to strengthen the team spirit. So social evenings are all the more important …

Defense chief Nico Schlotterbeck (21 / Union Berlin) has a very clear plan. He wants to strengthen cohesion with game evenings and thus bag the next European title after the last one in 2017.

Schlotterbeck to BILD: “The team is really cool and we’re having some nice evenings here in Hungary. The DFB has set up a really cool players lounge for us in the hotel. We’re going to play card games and a few rounds of poker. We’re having a lot of fun. “

Fun should be the cornerstone of a successful tournament. But of course they also work hard. Schlotterbeck: “Everyone has to be ready. Everyone has to go full throttle. Then I see good chances for us. We have to work as a team. And: We have four new players with us who have never been to the U21s. We have to integrate them very quickly. That is also my job because I count myself among the leading players here. “

One more question remains: At Union, Schlotterbeck plays in central defense without exception. At the U21, however, he mostly had to play as a left-back. Where does Schlotterbeck prefer to play?

The Berliner grinning diplomatically: “My main position is already a central defender, that’s where I see myself – if only because of my size. But of course I play wherever coach Stefan Kuntz sets me up … ”


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