Two really stupid mistakes – Arsenal star with tattoo goat!

The sundial only counts the beautiful hours. Arsenal star Emile Smith-Rowe (21) has 13 instead of 12.

The national player has been ridiculed on the internet for his recent tattoo.

Arsenal star with tattoo goat!

Star tattoo artist Elbert Carter proudly announced that the ex-Leipziger is now his customer too. Carter: Yesterday I got to tattoo Emile Smith Rowe! Thank you for your trust! Such a great guy on and off the pitch!”

At first glance, the tattoo – a lion and a clock – looks mega, technically very large. The lion: sensationally engraved. The watch: very detailed, but something isn’t quite right…

The artist and the footballer made two embarrassing mistakes. In contrast to a bad pass, this mistake will probably stick with you for the rest of your life.

Half the dial of the clock has Roman numerals. You can see the “I”, “II”, “III”, “IIII” – mistake number one. “IV” would have been correct.

Let’s continue on the other side. “X”, “XI”, “XII” and “XIII” follow. A clock with 13 numbers?

He’s sure to be mocked. One user wrote: “Probably the worst tattoo in ‘footballers, with too much money’ history. I wonder how gamers keep getting a reputation for being stupid?”

▶︎ At least the young star is on the right track in terms of sport, despite the setback on Saturday in Southampton (0:1). With nine goals this season, alongside Bukayo Saka (20), he is the top scorer for the Gunners, who still have a chance of qualifying for the Champions League. He even made his debut for the England national team in November.


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