TVB veteran star denies street selling

Veteran TVB actor Le Dieu Tuong advised fans not to worry about rumors that he was struggling and selling goods on the street.

On December 1, the 57-year-old actor posted on Douyin (Tiktok Chinese domestic version) guitar playing video. Some news sites re-posted the video, saying that the poor actor was in the late afternoon, without a job, trying to make a living in the market.

Le Dieu Tuong plays the piano at the night market. Video: Douyin/Li Yaoxiang

The incident made Le Dieu Tuong the focus of attention, a series of viewers commented under the video to ask about his current situation. The artist replied to many fans, advising them not to pay attention to the rumors. An audience member asked: “If you sing and sell goods at the same time, buyers will queue up to fill the market”, the actor replied: “Probably not”.

Follow Sinchew, the actor is in mainland China, when passing a night market, the actor asked the stall owner to let him strum a guitar. Le Dieu Tuong has been in movies for many years and has many valuable properties. He is passionate about cars, has at least four supercars. His son is studying abroad in the US, is also passionate about playing cars like his father.

Le Dieu Tuong in the movie Quyen Vuong.  Photo: TVB

Le Dieu Tuong in the movie “King King”. Photo: TVB

Le Dieu Tuong has been acting since 1986 and has won the title three times Best Actor of TVB. I left my mark on Journey to the West, Han Chu is proud, Mau brave Ky Phung 2, Worthy of female talent… In recent years, he has regularly acted in dramas for TVB, including the lead role in King of rights – Released at the end of November.

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