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The two artists have been present since the morning of January 19 to rehearse the repertoire “The day has not been stormy”, “The street without season”, “Pieu scarf”… for the show “In the Mirror”, which will be performed online at 8pm on the same day. .

After a day of matching with the band, Tung Duong and Bui Anh Tuan continued to spend the morning of January 19 to rehearse the stage “In the Mirror”. The show will be broadcast live on the eBox platform at 8 pm on January 19. “It will be an explosive music night, with songs that have made both of them famous,” said singer Tung Duong.

Tonight, the audience will hear one of the songs that made Tung Duong’s age – Scarves pieu. He performed on the background of Accordion music with people’s artist Dang Van Hung.

Although it was only a rehearsal, the male singer still burned with all his might, with the same excitement as the first show in the new year 2022.

The singer Sao Mai rendezvous also brings songs Pieu scarf, Pregnancy, Where love begins, Dear Hanoi city, Listen to the coming of Spring and the mashup Seasonless Street – The day is not stormy with Bui Anh Tuan.

He said this is the first time collaborating with Bui Anh Tuan. “Tuan’s voice flies and has a beautiful range while mine is loud and thick. The two brothers have to practice very well together in the mashup song,” Tung Duong shared.

And Bui Anh Tuan will perform the songs Letting go, Farewell, Homeland in the show In the Mirror.

Bui Anh Tuan said that in the past time, he has spent a lot of time on music projects. With own In the Mirror, he was quite surprised with the stage and elaborate investment from the Organizing Committee.

“This is a great opportunity for Tuan to bring his songs closer to the audience. Singing with Mr. Tung Duong is an honor for any young artist. Hope the audience will also have great moments. tonight”. Bui Anh Tuan said.

Also in the program, Tung Duong and Bui Anh Tuan will have direct conversations, exchange and talk about style, artistic personality, career imprints and challenges. In the game show, they will participate in a series of challenges, interactive minigames with an element of surprise to create a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Readers can learn about the show here. The program is selling tickets at the price of 399,000 VND.

Thanh Duong
Photo: Le Dinh Tung


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