TSG Hoffenheim: Hoffenheim celebrates a crazy baby victory

From the lawn to the delivery room! The Euro League has probably never experienced that …

Hoffenheim coach Sebastian Hoeneß (38) replaces Florian Grillitsch (25) in the 2-0 win against Belgrade at break.

The reason: The Ösi should be there on time for the birth of his child. Mrs. Hannah was expecting their offspring that night!

TSG sports director Alexander Rosen reveals to NITRO: “I haven’t seen that before. But maybe we will have another European baby that night. “

Hoffenheim’s crazy baby victory!

TSG had reason to be twice as happy because the team with baby power also gave their coach Sebastian Hoeneß (38) their debut victory in the Europa League.

64th Minute: Christoph Baumgartner hammers the ball into the net after a cross from Rudy – 1-0!

The goal was controversial because Kevin Akpoguma previously fought for the ball with an extended leg. To the annoyance of Belgrade coach Milan Stankovic, who subsequently sees a yellow-red because of Motzen.

Munas Dabbur scores 2-0 in stoppage time.

TSG were unlucky twice in the first half! First Gacinovic is fouled in the penalty area – no penalty (23). Then Dabbur hits the outside post after a fine Rudy pass (44th).


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