TSG Hoffenheim: Görlich-Sohn moves to Braunschweig

Like father, like son…

After Hoffenheim’s managing director Peter Görlich (54) was kicked out, the junior also takes off. According to BILD information, Luis Görlich (21) changes from Hoffenheim’s U23 to second division relegated Eintracht Braunschweig.

Another consequence of the Görlich separation: some fans go for Hoffenheim patron Dietmar Hopp (81)!

In Sinsheim there are posters like: “Anyone who criticizes the Sun King will be sorted out as quickly as possible.”

The background is the connection between Hopp and consultant Roger Wittmann (61). In France talent Mathieu Kambala (18), the next player is moving from the ROGON agency to the Hopp-Klub. In addition, the two should do business together on the Brazilian market. Görlich had criticized this construct. Also a possible point for his expulsion.

Part of the fan scene writes: “It is now well known that Mr. Hopp is extremely sensitive to criticism. He likes to bask in the sun as a selfless patron, as a ‘man of the people’ and is described by his prominent friends as a ‘man of honor’ or ‘the last real football fan’. Words that should be questioned gradually. A gentleman would not do these machinations in Brazil, he would be able to deal with criticism and not react like a small child. “

But what they also forget: Deals between Hopp and Wittmann have already brought TSG millions. The sales of Joelinton and Firmino alone brought in 85 million. According to BILD information, Hopp takes note of the criticism, but will not comment on it.


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