Truong Ngoc Anh: ‘Looking at my children, I’m not tired’

When facing pressure on business and film making, Truong Ngoc Anh looked at Bao Tien’s daughter as she grew older and more obedient, making her less anxious.

What is your life like in the new normal?

– I start my day by writing down 10 things to be grateful for and meditating. After that, I have a light breakfast of cereals and fruit. Reading books and practicing yoga help me to accumulate more energy. In my free time, I meet close friends to chat and share everything about life. Now I try to focus on working hard and have adapted to working online.

My business is also slowly recovering. The restaurants closed, so I expanded the business into another field. Me and my staff are working hard to launch this project soon.

Over the past few months, the pandemic has had a significant impact on my business. Film projects including Trung Vuong postponed, the restaurant areas in Ho Chi Minh City closed and returned the premises. I try my best to cut costs, minimize employee salary reduction. I and the leaders in the company must really make efforts so that you do not lack too much. I put my own savings to pay salaries, provide employees with rice and necessities to get through that period.

Actor Truong Ngoc Anh turned 45 years old on November 12. Photo: Characters provided

What do you do to stay in good spirits during difficult times?

– I work hard to practice yoga and meditation, to help peace, purify my mind and receive energy from my mind. The love from my daughter Bao Tien and her family has helped me a lot to go through the ups and downs of life. Child Now she is a very affectionate, obedient girl. Seeing the baby grow up every day, understanding and caring for her mother, all tiredness and worries seem to disappear.

Bao Tien was stuck in the US because of the epidemic for about four months now, I really miss him. The two of them have never been apart for so long. Every day I call video chat, but I still want to hold the baby in my arms, sometimes I can’t hold back my tears. I hope that when schools in the country reopen, Bao Tien will soon return to her mother, friends, and teachers. What I am worried about is that there is very little time left to be with Bao Tien because in two years she will go to the US to study abroad. I don’t want to live away from my children, but for the future I have to accept it.

* 12 years old daughter of Truong Ngoc Anh

During the quarantine period, you spend a lot of time doing volunteer work, what does this job mean to you?

– During social distancing, I was under a lot of pressure, losing sleep because I was worried about the safety of my family and employees. I also see the efforts of the state and frontline forces to push back the epidemic and return everyone’s peaceful life. That belief helps me calm down, find ways to solve difficulties, and motivates me to make a small contribution to the community.

My family and I have contributed meals to support the frontline. Everyone cooks together 300 servings of rice each time and sends it to field hospitals, looking forward to sharing and sending concern and deep thanks to the doctors and nurses. I enjoy spreading positive energy to everyone.

Truong Ngoc Anh cooked 300 meals for the frontline against the epidemic

Truong Ngoc Anh cooked 300 servings of rice for the frontline against the epidemic in July. Video: Characters provided

Truong Ngoc Anh with her daughter - Bao Tien.  Photo: Character provided

Truong Ngoc Anh with her daughter – Bao Tien. Photo: Characters provided

What are your plans for movies in the near future?

– I started looking for actors for Trung Vuong over the past two months, held online casting with male and female candidates aged 15-50 and a group of girls aged 5-8. I hope Covid-19 will be quickly controlled, so that everyone’s life will be more stable, and at the same time, I can carry out my projects more smoothly. Right now, I just hope that my daughter and everyone in the family are safe.

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