Truc Nhan: ‘I’m famous without luck’

Singer Truc Nhan affirms that his 10-year career achievement comes from his efforts and love for the job, instead of luck as some viewers have assessed.

Truc Nhan releases MV Can not keep losing not find on May 12, after two weeks reaching more than 10 million views, ranked Top 1 trending YouTube. The product also marks Truc Nhan’s 10-year career journey after the 2012 Vietnamese Voice contest.

MV “If you can’t keep it, don’t find it” by Truc Nhan, released on the evening of May 12. Video:YouTube Truc Nhan

– What does a decade of artistic activity mean to you?

– I was a bit startled, I couldn’t imagine myself having spent a long time with music. When reviewing the projects and products that have been released, I am still as nervous as the first time. Every opinion of the audience makes me happy. At the same time, I was under pressure as to what I had to do next to be recognized by the public. My passion for music in the past 10 years has never been lost, even growing bigger.

Some people use the word “monster” to comment on Truc Nhan’s music, but I don’t think it’s quite right. From the way I dress to the products I launch, everything comes from my own personality.

– What difficulties and challenges have you experienced on the road to building a name?

– There was a time when I was confused and pressured by the success of a song or the doubt of the audience. In the first three years when I stepped out of the Vietnamese Voice, I knew that I was not a notable name in the music industry. In 2015, when What a surprise debut, after one night everything changed dramatically, everywhere I go, I hear people talking about me and the song. The release of a new song, which is satirical, surely some people like it, some people don’t. I was shocked when I read comments that the song became a hit by luck.

There’s a truth I have to admit, two MVs When I grow up, I still cry, People don’t love me, Released in 2019, the effect is not as strong as What a surprise, makes me impatient. A year later when Are your eyes bright? Released, covered everywhere, I feel more energized and confident in myself.

In 2020, I had health problems – had polysinusitis, had to stop singing for a year, causing a mental breakdown. The feeling of not being able to hold the microphone to sing with the audience, plus the negative thoughts going around in my head, is really terrible. I was fortunate to be “tuned” by the Vocational Team, plus my efforts to practice yoga, persistently taking medicine for about 7 months, now my health is better.

Truc Nhan at the press conference to release the MV Yes, don't keep it, don't find it, on May 12 in Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Fat Worm

Truc Nhan at the press conference to release the MV “If you don’t keep it, don’t find it”, on May 12 in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Fat Worm

– How satisfied are you with your music career so far?

– I’m enjoying the moment in music, but not satisfied yet. Partly because I am meticulous and perfectionist. I always want to have more time to explore myself and show the audience something new in Truc Nhan.

For me, the audience’s love for music products is the happiest thing. I read all the comments, moved, grateful for everyone’s love. Standing on stage, looking at music lovers’ eyes, how they sing along to each song, I’m happy. My fans are not only young people, many older uncles and aunts often text and encourage me.

If asked if I was satisfied with everything, the answer would be no. Like MV Can not keep losing not find Reaching Top 1 Trending YouTube, I still see errors when I watch it again. However, I believe that every mistake, no matter how small or big, is a lesson, and the next product will be better.

Truc Nhan's 10 years of singing imprint

Truc Nhan’s last 10 years of singing. Video: Characters provided

– What has been your biggest change in the past 10 years?

– I changed the most in thinking, how to see life, and how to handle situations. At the age of 31, I no longer think negatively, see everything in a positive way no matter how bad the problem is. I always say to myself: “Human, try to improve yourself, be humble, love your job”.

I increasingly like pressure, take risks. I try to put myself in a challenge, once overcome, I will feel happier and more mature. I get positive energy from my loved ones. For example, in Mr. Tran Thanh, I learned to keep my passion for the profession, in front of scandals, big or small, I had to calmly face and solve them.

– What have you taken care of for your family and yourself so far?

– My parents don’t have to worry much right now. My life is also very good, not putting too much emphasis on material things. The money I earn, I don’t buy branded clothes, instead I invest it all in music. I once dared to spend a billion dong just to make a big scene of 300 dancers in the latest MV. I am comfortable doing what I love, taking care of the people I love, making music, knowing my passion.

Romance is not my concern right now. I used to love and break up, but I can still laugh because there is never a word of hatred in my thoughts. I am grateful for all the sad and happy emotions that pass through my life. For me, when you fall in love, keep things simple, if you have a vibration, show it, if you don’t like each other, just say goodbye.

Truc Nhan in a fashion photo shoot taken on May 13.  Photo: Top

Truc Nhan in a fashion photo shoot taken on May 13. Image: Stealing

– What is your wish for the next musical journey?

– How to reconcile the three factors of expertise – personality – tastes of the audience is what I care about. I do not allow myself to be easy, always want to create a trendy, modern product but still have to ensure the voice. This is a simple sounding problem, but not everyone can solve it quickly.

I’m aiming for the first concert in my career but I can’t say the exact time. On stage, there will be only Truc Nhan, sound and light blending together. I want the audience to enjoy the full emotional music night, understand the person and my musical personality the most.

Nguyen Truc Nhan was born in 1991, from Binh Dinh. He was known to the audience after the first season of the Vietnamese Voice contest (2012). Truc Nhan’s remarkable products include: What a surprise, Four wordsSinging to relieve sadness, People don’t love you, When you grow up, you still cry… He has received five nominations and won three times at the Dedication Award.

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