Trinh Sang’s life after being ‘secured’

Actor Trinh Sang in the US learned how to be a mother, intends to be a YouTuber, after a year and a half was banned from Chinese showbiz.

Above Instagram On June 10, the 31-year-old beauty updated her status after seven months of “silence”. Trinh Sang wrote: “It feels like I dream of being trapped in a storm, unable to escape. Maybe a stressful life will have such nightmares. But I also have beautiful dreams, like eating sweets. delicious food…”

Trinh Sang posted a video about her life in the US. Video: YouTube/Gouquini

The actress received more than 400 comments, most of which were words of encouragement and blessings. Fans wrote: “Miss you, come back”, “If possible, wake up from the nightmare, forget the past and live happily”, “Hope you take good care of yourself, don’t care about comments malicious comments”…

Follow OnTrinh Sang lives in the US with his pet dog. She decorates the apartment to suit the interests of children, places toys and carpets to occasionally pick up two children, and connects emotionally with the children. Actors do not have custody of their children, but can visit two children three days a week, up to two and a half hours at a time.

Trinh Sang attended a child rearing course and attended psychotherapy with a specialist. If she passed the tests, she would get more child care. Currently, Trinh Sang is still trying to learn English to integrate into life in the US.

Occasionally, Trinh Sang shows homesickness, missing parents and acting work. On Mother’s Day in May, she sent a video to her fan group in China, wishing all mothers a happy and healthy life. The actor said: “On Mother’s Day years ago, I was with my mother, cooking together. This year, my mother and children are not around. But thinking about it again, I feel content.”

Trinh Sang set up an account on YouTube, intend to create content. She has not made many videos, only posted some pictures of playing with pets, not showing her face clearly.

Trinh Sang at the event in early 2020. Photo: Sina

Trinh Sang at the event in early 2020. Photo: Sina

Actor born in 1991, played Love you at first sight, Summer solstice has not come yet, Youth fight, Meteor Garden… In January 2021, she revealed that she used to go to the US with her lover Truong Hang to hire two surrogate mothers. Truong Hang’s side accused Trinh Sang of asking to give the child to someone else. After that, the General Administration of Radio and Television of China announced that “do not give Trinh Sang the opportunity to speak and appear”.

In March 2021, Trinh Sang went to the US to pursue a child custody case with Truong Hang, the court decided Truong Hang won. Since then, the actress has lived in America. In April 2021, Truong Hang accused Trinh Sang of tax evasion. After the investigation, the authorities asked the actor to pay a total of 299 million yuan (US$46.1 million). Zhang Hang was fined more than 32 million yuan (more than 5 million USD) for helping Trinh Sang evade taxes.

Since being convicted, all of Trinh Sang’s social media accounts in China have been deleted, and the actress has switched to Instagram. She once comforted fans, “Everyone, don’t be sad. I won’t give up easily pursuing good things. I will always be here to create new things.” The actor also wrote: “If you want to have a rainbow, you must definitely face the wind and rain”.

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