Trinh Kim Chi: ‘I am calloused before the market’

Trinh Kim Chi was encouraged by her husband and colleagues when she was constantly involved in charity work.

– How do you spend 2021?

– I had a year of great loss, grief. In six months, I lost three relatives, my biological mother and my husband’s parents. In addition, I got caught up in trouble around charity work, most recently calling for help for a senior artist. At the end of December 2021, I contracted Covid-19 making my husband and children worried. I endured a lot of grief and encouraged myself to face it and overcome it.

At first, I was also shocked and hurt because many people scolded me on social media. But then, I found it impossible to forbid others to think of me. I calmly accept and draw lessons for life. After many controversies around volunteering, I felt like I was numb to the market, and sometimes I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Trinh Kim Chi was born in 1972, won the Vietnam runner-up prize in 1994. The actor is known for his television series: “Touching the past”, “Crazy passion”, “The love story”, “The story”. housewife love”… The beauty was awarded the title of Distinguished Artist in 2015. Photo: Hoang Dung

Why do you think you are involved in the controversy about volunteering?

Maybe it’s because I’m still active in volunteering. Up until now, I thought it was just enough to be transparent about the money received and given. However, after the recent controversy, I feel that transparency is not enough, but also must comply with the provisions of the law. If I continue to donate to charity in the future, I will carefully consider it before doing it.

What keeps you calm during difficult times?

– I’m a public figure, so my words, words and comments on social media also affected my reputation a bit… However, I was comforted by colleagues, friends, and family. , a lot of encouragement. I feel relieved when I receive messages and calls to inquire. People seem to love me more than before. However, I always remind myself to control my emotions, not because of anger but to lose control. Whenever I feel pressured, I go to the cinema alone or go to the supermarket for a walk, look at the furniture, buy some favorite things.

I just want to be safe to do my job, create works, serve the public, I don’t want to have a headache because of the reputation.

How is your husband and children next to you?

– My husband always actively chats, analyzes things and directs me to an open-minded way of thinking, not falling into a negative state. For example, when there was a controversy on social media about me making a charity donation to help my colleagues, knowing that I was filming, did not know the information, he texted first: “A big thing is about to happen, calm down.” My husband is worried that if I read something bad, he will handle things that are not thorough. Mr. Phuong discussed with the maid to prepare my favorite dishes, so that when he returned home, his wife could eat well and no longer feel sad.

During the epidemic, I gathered vegetables and fruits to support people in quarantine areas and difficult colleagues. My husband is worried at home, not safe for me to drive alone. I also feel guilty because I keep running on the street all the time, not taking care of my husband and two daughters. After receiving two doses of Covid-19 Vaccine, Mr. Phuong also followed me to distribute food to help people. With him by my side, I feel secure and make work much more convenient.

Trinh Kim Chi has two daughters to celebrate her husband's birthday in December 2021.  Photo: Facebook Trinh Kim Chi

Trinh Kim Chi has two daughters to celebrate her husband’s birthday in December 2021. Photo: Facebook Trinh Kim Chi

How has your life been affected during the pandemic?

– My husband’s business was affected but not in a difficult situation thanks to a period of implementation of the “three-in-place” production model. Workers have jobs and factories are still running, making products. In 2021, the husband’s company’s revenue is only enough to pay employees’ salaries and cover necessary things.

Currently, we have houses and cars, but we don’t spend them squanderingly. Both have a simple, popular lifestyle. I have a car, but my husband likes to go out by motorbike. He said that riding a motorbike can see the streets, go into small alleys, convenient to move. We also want our children to see our parents’ way of life to follow.

What are your plans for work in 2022?

– After the 2022 Lunar New Year, I will reopen the Trinh Kim Chi stage. In addition to two books Gourd brooch, white blouse, I will write a new script to serve the audience. I also opened an acting class, imparting experience to young people. My “vocational fire” is still there, so I just hope I have a lot of health so that I can stick with the stage for the rest of my life.

Trinh Kim Chi plays the scene of being shot in 'Triangle Tram Gourd'

Trinh Kim Chi performed the scene of being shot in the play “Rang Tram Bau”. Video: Mai Nhat

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