Train Cancelled: Railways canceled 670 trains for the next one month, know what is the big reason

Indian Railway: In view of increasing power consumption and shortage of coal in the country, Railways has canceled 670 passenger trains for the next one month. Along with this, the number of goods trains laden with coal has also been increased. The country is facing severe heat this year and due to this the demand for electricity has increased a lot in the month of April itself. With the increase in the demand for electricity, the consumption of coal has also increased. This is the reason that now only a few days’ coal is left with the power plants. Due to this power crisis has arisen in the country. To avoid this situation, the Railways has started trying to give full cooperation from its side. Most of the work of transportation of coal in the country is done by railways.

Railways canceled 670 trains due to shortage of coal
In fact, to meet the increased requirement of coal, the pressure of transporting it on the railways is increasing continuously. For this reason, the Railways had to cancel 16 mail, express and passenger trains daily for the last few weeks. Railways have taken steps to give way to goods trains laden with coal.

Decision to cancel some trains for next 1 month
At present, the Railways has once again decided to cancel some trains for the next 1 month. According to the Railways, 670 passenger trains have been canceled till May 24. These include more than 500 trains, long distance mail and express trains. Along with this, the Railways has also increased the average number of coal-laden goods trains. Now more than 400 such trains are being run daily. According to sources, the Railways has decided to provide 415 freight trains daily for the transportation of coal so that the demand of coal can be met. Each of these goods trains is capable of carrying around 3,500 tonnes of coal.

This crisis will go away after July-August.
With this, this system will continue for at least the next two months to increase coal reserves in power plants, which will avert this crisis after July-August. It is noteworthy that due to rain in July-August, coal mining is the least.

According to the Ministry of Railways, the situation of religious crisis
According to the Ministry of Railways, “There are protests against the cancellation of passenger trains in many states. But we do not have any option. Right now our priority is that all power plants should have sufficient stock of coal so that there is a power crisis in the country. It is a crisis situation for us. We are hopeful that we will get out of this situation. The official said that since the power plants are spread across the country, railways have to run long distance trains. In large numbers Coal laden goods trains are on transit for 3-4 days. Large quantity of domestic coal is being diverted from Eastern Sector to other parts of the country.

Unprecedented increase in demand for coal this year
At the same time, according to the official railway data, in 2016-17, the railways was running 269 goods trains for the transportation of coal daily, while this number increased in 2017-18 and 2018-19. Last year, 347 such goods trains were run daily and by Thursday, the number reached 400 to 405 daily. Officials say there has been an unprecedented increase in the demand for coal this year and railways remain the preferred mode of transportation of coal.

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