Traditional opening bankruptcy – Augsburg trainer Weinzierl: “Were too naive”

It is exactly fitting that FC Augsburg have to play at Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday (3:30 p.m.).

Because so far everything has been very traditional at FCA: coach Markus Weinzierl (46) has so far lost all of his games in the Bundesliga on the first day of the game. So also last Saturday against Hoffenheim (0: 4). He has not been able to win on second match days either, but at least he managed a 1-1 with FCA in the 2015/16 season – in Frankfurt of all places.

That gives hope.

Weinzierl almost sarcastically: “If I tell you that this is strategy, then nobody will believe me anyway: lose the first game, lower expectations and then surprise – but that’s not how it is. We have lost.”

And that annoys him too: “Because it wasn’t just a defeat, I called it naive. If you still get the 0: 4 in the 95th minute, then that doesn’t speak for our cleverness. Of course that was a damper. “

Weinzierl is clear: “We have to improve. We mustn’t make the mistake of judging it based on the result. The 4-0 defeat was very clear, but I think it was a lot more in there for us 78 minutes, and then we get the second goal, the third and the fourth on top. That was naive. “

That’s why there is a lot of work waiting for him: “We have to become more defensive, even more compact, even more aggressive, show more intensity in the approach behavior, become even more dangerous for goals offensively.”

That actually means: Everything has to get better in Frankfurt so that the coaching tradition is not continued.


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