Traditional industries and artisans will be uplifted under the PEP scheme, 5000 slasters will be started

New Delhi: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Minister Nitin Gadkari said that 5,000 packages (clusters) can be started for artisans under the PEP scheme by speeding up the clearance processes and ending red tape.

The ministry has launched the scheme of the scheme for the development of traditional industries and to help artisans. Under this, traditional industries and artisans will be organized through packages, so that they can be made competitive and their income can be increased.

5 thousand clusters will be created

Under the scheme, support is given for creating infrastructural facilities through Common Facilitation Centers, purchase of new machinery, banks for raw materials and improvement in packaging. The Minister said that there is a need to expedite the steps to make such packages. He said, “Out of the 371 packages announced, only 82 are actually working and if the red tape is abolished, the goal of constituting 5000 packages can be easily achieved.”

Gadkari asked the officials of the ministry to look into the issues related to it and solve the problems so that those packages can come in operation which are not working right now. The minister said this after the inauguration of 50 PES packages based in 18 states. The ministry has provided Rs 85 crore for the development of these 50 packages.

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