Tour de France: Tony Martin rages after falling against organizers

For years, cycling professionals have been demanding more safety. Narrow streets, the wrong barriers, roundabouts just before the destination or even 90-degree bends. Every now and then, improvements were made, but only half-heartedly.

The proof: As on the 3rd stage of the Tour de France, problems keep cropping up that lead to serious falls. On the way from Lorient to Pontivy there was a descent eight kilometers from the finish.

Tony Martin (not in the picture) was also involved in this fall, in which co-favorite Geraint Thomas was caughtPhoto: WITTERS

Before that, Tony Martin (36) fell for the second time on the Tour of France. Later it caught his captain Primoz Roglic (31), one of the top favorites, and Steven Kruijswijk (34). In BILD, Martin raises serious allegations against the organizer.

BILD: First and foremost, the same question over and over again: How are you?

Martin: “I didn’t get anything bad this time either, I was able to drive on quickly. In terms of morality, however, we are on the ground. We had three people in the hospital. Robert Gesink broke his collarbone and cannot continue. It’s not fun like that. “

BILD: Could you have prevented a few falls?

Martin: “Except for the last one immediately before the finish, which was a driving mistake, safe. If you look at a final like this on a sprint stage, where everyone has to be in front, regardless of whether they are class riders or sprinters, then it was 100 percent predictable that falls would come. Nobody hoped that it would be so extreme, but it was to be feared. And that could have been prevented. “

BILD: How?

Martin: “You could have reached your destination on wide country roads instead of through small villages. But the ASO as the organizer wants to see the fall spectacle, because that brings more publicity and audience ratings. “

Tony Martin's captain Primoz Roglic is badly affected by his fall, but can continue the Tour de France

Tony Martin’s captain Primoz Roglic is badly affected by his fall, but can continue the Tour de FrancePhoto: BENOIT TESSIER / AFP

BILD: What is going on in the head of a professional who knows what to expect?

Martin: “Of course you can now say that we have to drive more carefully. But stress, the immense pressure, you don’t have to artificially conjure up such dangers. Anyone who has traveled the route before knows what the consequences are. You can’t do the last 15 km in a sprint final. But the main thing is that you only throw away the bottles in certain zones and are no longer allowed to sit aerodynamically on the bar during a descent. It is incomprehensible. “

BILD: You just said that security has been discussed for years. What answers do you get from the OSA?

Martin: “It is very clear that what we drivers have been saying for years is not being listened to. I am sure the organization does not want to rethink and we will see something like this in the coming years as well. In our team bus it looks like a hospital, not like a bus where you can relax. Blood everywhere, wounded. It has nothing to do with sport, it’s a shame for cycling. “


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