Tour de France: 1 euro joke penalty for tour crashers!

She just wanted to say hello to “Grandma and Grandpa” – now she has to pay!

At the Tour de France in the summer, the spectator Flavie C. (31) caused a serious mass fall by holding a cardboard sign with a greeting message in the camera – and thus causing the drivers to fall.

Now she has been sentenced to a fine of 1200 euros by the competent court in Brest.

Curious: In addition, it was ordered that the 31-year-old also had to pay the cyclists’ association something – ONE symbolic euro. Joke punishment instead of imprisonment! The prosecutor had asked for four months probation.

Around 50 athletes were involved in the fall. C. was therefore accused of endangering others and of negligent bodily harm. For his part, the defense attorney had referred to the fragile state of his client, who regretted her actions. “She’s going through hell,” he said.

During the first stage of the Tour de France, Flavie C. stood with her back to the approaching Tour participants at the side of the road and held her cardboard sign saying “Allez Opi-Omi!” In the way.

The German cycling star Tony Martin could no longer evade, collided with the sign and fell – and dozens of other tour participants as a result. Several athletes had to drop out of the tour due to serious injuries, including the German Jasha Sütterlin and the Spaniard Marc Soler, who had to be treated for three fractures in his left arm.

While the pictures of the falling professional cyclists went around the world, the young woman could not be found at first. It was only after a call to witnesses was published that she finally turned herself in to the police four days later. The young woman described her act as “stupidity”.


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