Toulouse-Castres motorway: NGE designated concessionaire of the future A69, entry into service scheduled for 2025

Visiting Castres, Jean Castex unveiled the name of the company responsible for building and managing the 54 km of the future A69, a project in the making for more than twenty years.

It is a project that has been talked about for more than twenty years and which should now see a quick end. While in Castres on Saturday, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the NGE group (New Generations of Entrepreneurs) had just been designated by the State as the sole prospective concessionaire of the A69 motorway. The group will be responsible for the construction and management of the infrastructure. The contract is to be signed in the first half of 2022, before construction is scheduled for 2023, for commissioning in 2025.

Although the amount of the construction has not yet been revealed, it is a victory for NGE. This is the first time that the company with a turnover of 2.4 billion euros will fully carry out the construction and management of a motorway infrastructure.

To create “nearly 1,000 local jobs

The group explains its success in this case by taking better account of the ecological dimension: “we will not need to build new quarries to build the embankments», Assures NGE. In addition, the company intends to rely on regional businesses and promises to create “nearly 1000 local jobs“.

The government clarified that a “attractive subscription with decreasing tariffs according to the frequency of passages per month“Should be put in place as well as a”price adjustment for the least polluting vehicles“.

Until then, three companies were in the running to build and manage the future A69. Questioned last week by the Tarn senator Philippe Folliot, the Minister for Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari had affirmed that the concessionaire of the highway would be unveiled in the coming days.

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