Tottenham Hotspur: Antonio Conte has the lawn maintained by hand

The English stadiums are known for their perfect lawn.

But Tottenham Hotspur’s new coach, Antonio Conte (52), is now taking it to the extreme!

Because: After Spurs’ 2-1 win over Leeds United yesterday, you could watch the Tottenham Stadium turf being tended by hand!

Sky reporter Geoff Shreeves: “We know that Antonio Conte attaches great importance to details, but this is incredible!”

Conte is said to have instructed his employees to maintain the course even more properly!

At Tottenham Stadium, the employees first had to collect the granules from the outer lane from the pitch. In addition, the artificial turf next to the pitch had to be maintained.

The Italian was already known for his diligence during his stints at Inter Milan and Chelsea FC. Again and again he messed with the greenkeepers there.

The run even brought sporting success! Tottenham beat Leeds 2-1 and moved up to seventh place in the table.


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