Tottenham – Chelsea 0: 1: Emergency doctor use in the final, Antonio Rüdiger with back goal

Suddenly it was quiet in the stadium!

Chelsea and the German coach Thomas Tuchel (48) beat Tottenham in the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup 1-0 (3-0 with two legs), are in the final of the League Cup.

But shortly before the end, the game is interrupted after a riot in the stands!

Referee Andre Marriner goes to the line and exchanges ideas with a steward. It is probably a medical emergency in the stands behind the goal of Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa. He had previously waved to draw attention to something.

It’s quiet in the stadium.

The Spurs later confirmed on Twitter: “The game was interrupted due to a medical emergency among fans.”

There is initially no further information about the incident. On the TV you can only see that there are many folders in warning vests in the block. Paramedics are said to have come to the rescue. Fans must have called them over.

The Spurs on Twitter: “All members of the club express their best wishes to the sick fan.”

The game is paused for around seven minutes, but then continues.

In terms of football, national player Antonio Rüdiger (28) takes center stage.

18th minute: After a corner from Mount, the central defender heaves himself into the ball. Tottenham substitute goalkeeper Gollini flies past. The ball lands on Rüdiger’s back and from there on the lower edge of the crossbar – inside!

Rüdiger with back gate! After that, Chelsea got three lucky referees.

41st minute: With both feet ahead, Rüdiger sabers ex-Bayern and Schalke star Højbjerg on the edge of the box. Marriner immediately points to the point. The VAR turns on: the foul was outside. The free kick brings nothing.

Boom! Rüdiger (h.) Sabers Højbjerg. The foul in front of the penalty areaPhoto: Getty Images

57th minute: Another penalty whistle! Chelsea keeper Kepa throws himself into the attacking Lucas, but clearly hits the ball. This time Marriner looks at the scene himself and corrects his decision: again no penalty for Tottenham.

65th minute: Kepa plays a risk pass to Jorginho, who loses the ball. The goalkeeper storms out again and Tottenham’s Lucas matches Kane, who shoots into the empty goal. The problem: Because Kepa is so far in front of the goal, Kane is one step offside. The video referee takes back the hit.

► In the final, either Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool or Arsenal are waiting for Chelsea. The semi-final first leg will take place here on Thursday. That was postponed because of corona cases at Klopp.


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