Today he fights live on BILD – This is our toughest bus driver speaking!

Bus driver, family father – and MMA warrior in his free time!

On Saturday, Martin Zawada (37) will finally get back into the cage at “KSW58”. After a break of 623 days, the man from Düsseldorf fights against Szymon Kolecki (39).

You can only follow the bang fight and seven other duels live from Germany with BILDplus (from 8 p.m.)! Because even in 2021 BILD will remain the home of KSW, the best and most important MMA series in Europe.


In the BILD interview, Zawada speaks exclusively about his comeback, his responsibility as a father and his job as a bus driver.

BILD: After your last KSW fight in May 2019 (victory over ex-UFC star Thiago Silva) in May 2019, you actually ended your career. Why the comeback now?

Zawada: “A lot was written back then. But I never officially ended my career. I’ve missed this challenge of getting back into the cage and fighting tough guys in the last few months. That’s why I want to know again now and give full throttle. “

What are your expectations of your cage return?

Zawada: “Health comes first for me. I want to get out of this duel safely. My goal is to show a strong fight. It would be the 30th victory of my career. I definitely want this anniversary success. “

How does the fight have to end in order for you to continue afterwards?

Zawada: “I haven’t thought about that until now. Again: it’s going to be a tough fight, I just want to measure myself again. Then we’ll see. Physically and mentally, I’m in really good shape. BILD viewers can convince themselves of this live on Saturday. “

So a career end is ruled out even if you lose?

Zawada: “I have a contract with KSW that includes more than just one fight. When I break up, I decide together with my family. I can only say that my fighter heart is still burning and glowing. As long as I enjoy fighting, I’ll stick with it.

What makes the duel with Szymon Kolecki (39) on Saturday so special?

Zawada: “In Poland he is a hero. Szymon won gold in weightlifting at the Beijing Olympics. His second career as an MMA professional is also impressive. He has beaten all the big KSW names. This fact motivates me incredibly. It’s going to be a spectacle. “

You became a father. How much has the birth of your child changed your view of sport?

Zawada: “I have withdrawn a lot lately and spent a lot of time with my family. As a father, I get into the cage with a focus on people. My daughter gives me strength and drives me to live out my role model function even more. “

Have you also become more cautious?

Zawada: “I would not say that. But of course, as the father of a little daughter, I see many things differently, more relaxed. As a person I have become more mature. “

What Does Your Family Say About The Cage Return?

Zawada: “She’s always behind me, regardless of whether I fight or not. My loved ones naturally influence my decisions. But everyone also accepts that I will always be a fighter – in and out of the cage. “

Her brother David is also an MMA athlete and recently lost just a little bit at UFC Fight Island. How important is it for you to get at least one family win now?

Zawada: “David made a tough fight. Like many others, I saw him ahead on points. However, that little bit of luck was missing. But I don’t put myself under any pressure. I will do everything I can to win this fight and, best of all, end it early. “

You work for the Rheinbahn in Düsseldorf as a bus driver. How is the job compatible with an MMA career?

Zawada: “With a lot of support from my employer and family. I train in my spare time. Everything has to be perfectly planned, otherwise it won’t work. That is not always easy, but where there is a will, there is also a way. “

Would you call yourself a professional or a hobby athlete?

Zawada: “MMA is my passion. Yes, I am a strong amateur athlete who measures myself against professional athletes. I’ve always done well with this approach throughout my career. “

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