Tobogganing: Georg Hackl becomes the new Austria coach

He is a winter sports hero in this country, someone who once helped shape his sport as an active player and has since continued to ensure success as a trainer in the background. A tinkerer. A guy. Unique. Even those who are not interested in tobogganing know Georg Hackl (55). The three-time Olympic champion and ten-time world champion belongs to a dying breed: a sports star in a fringe sport, known far beyond the confines of the ice track.

And it is precisely this Georg Hackl that is causing a bang: Loud WORLD information Germany’s luge legend is changing to coach his rival in Austria. First, the daily newspaper “Österreich” reported on its online portal.

None other than Markus Prock (57), Hackl’s former competitor, caused the coup as luge president in the Austrian association. Now the former opponents and dominators want to ensure success together. Prock himself won Olympic gold twice and the overall World Cup ten times.

At the Olympic Games in Beijing, Hackl was still in action for the dominant German athletes. The team won every possible gold medal, plus two silver medals. The Austrians went home as the second best nation with two silver medals and one bronze medal. Prock still wants a reorganization.

In April, Christian Eigentler was introduced as the successor to head coach Rene Friedl. Hackl is to be officially introduced as part of the coaching team on Thursday.


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