Thuy Tien: ‘I don’t ask Dan Truong to support my children’

After the divorce, businessman Thuy Tien said that being friends with her ex-husband – singer Dan Truong, did not ask for child support.

Since announcing her divorce in July, she talked about her breakup and life as a single mother in the US.

How is your life going?

– My daily routine with my son – Thien Tu – was not disturbed much, because in the past, mother and daughter were used to rarely having Truong’s presence next to them. I still work in the bakery business, real estate, take care of Thien Tu like before. On weekends or having free time, my mother and I often go on short trips to change the atmosphere. Children learn many new things from life and people where they come from.

It is not true if I say I am not sad when I decide to part with Mr. Dan Truong after eight years together. However, I am the type to think positively in all circumstances. Moreover, I also have a young son beside me as a great spiritual support.

Thuy Tien and her son on a short trip to the US in July. Photo: Characters provided

Looking back at my past marriage, I think the geographical distance and time make Truong and me more and more distant from each other. Up until now, I have always been open with my family in everything and divorce is an important matter, so I do not hide this from my relatives. They couldn’t help but be sad but respect the decision of both.

What makes you stronger as you go through the ups and downs of your marriage?

My son helps me to be strong and energetic enough to overcome the event. I don’t want her to see her mother living in sadness, more or less affecting the child’s psychology and development.

I make fun of myself by working and playing with Thien Tu. Up until now, I rarely share my sadness with anyone because I don’t want people to be affected by my private feelings.

I am a carefree person, so since Thien Tu, I have created for my son a company specializing in children’s fashion, cosmetics, perfumery and a bakery launched in June in the US. In addition, I also set up some investment funds for children. I want to create solid stepping stones so that in the future, the child has a fulcrum, strives for himself, and creates a future for himself.

How do you and your ex-husband maintain your relationship?

– After the divorce, the two still keep their relationship and treat each other like good friends. On the right occasion, we can still meet and take Thien Tu for a walk and eat.

Truong’s time with ups and downs, many joys and sorrows. Although incomplete, I am still grateful for what has passed because thanks to that, I was able to become a mother and have the most precious thing, baby Thien Tu.

Baby Thien Tu, the son of businessman Thuy Tien and singer Dan Truong is 4 years old this year, loves to sing and dance.  Photo: Character provided

Baby Thien Tu, the son of businessman Thuy Tien and singer Dan Truong, is 4 years old this year and loves to sing and dance. Photo: Characters provided

How do singers Dan Truong and her take care of their children?

– Since Thien Tu until now, I have never asked or mentioned to Truong about child rearing. Partly because I am confident enough that I can take care of my baby. Part of me thinks that taking care of children is not only a responsibility but also a parent’s love and duty. I let him be comfortable and up to his own ability.

– Being a single mother, what makes you sad?

– Those were the times when Thien Tu was sick. My child is independent and knows how to take care of himself so I don’t have to work hard. However, because of that, I feel heartbroken because Thien Tu is still a boy who, in many situations, still needs the full attention and care of his parents.

At the moment, I have no thoughts about privacy or intend to explore a new relationship. The most important thing for me right now is still taking care of my son. I am trying every day to be able to create a good life for mother and daughter.

Dan Truong's wife with her son

Baby Thien Tu and her mother learn about Covid-19. Video: YouTube Mathis Thien Tu

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