Thuy Tien chooses a see-through dress for the semi-finals of Miss Grand

ThailandThe costume Thuy Tien wore in the semi-final of Miss Grand International has a see-through material, suitable for the sexy style she pursues.

The dress has a cup shape, attached in the image of a tornado galaxy. The main tone is black, showing the beauty of the night sky, combining stones and crystals simulating the stars. Designer Nguyen Minh Tuan’s outfit helps her show off her curves with the highlight of the loose part. It is expected that during the catwalk, Thuy Tien will remove the talisman and turn the evening dress into a jumpsuit to create visual effects.

Thuy Tien shows off a dress inspired by the Milky Way.  Photo: Hoang Phuc

Thuy Tien shows off a dress inspired by the Milky Way. Photo: Hoang Phuc

Many viewers on the Vietnam Beauties forum advised Thuy Tien not to remove the part to keep the spirit of the evening gown performance. Designer Nguyen Minh Tuan said: “I and Tien’s team are listening to the audience’s suggestions and will make appropriate adjustments. Miss Grand is a contest that is more about entertainment and performance, so I want to take risks, break a little way to surprise”.

Thuy Tien’s costumes at the contest carried a liberal and sexy spirit with tight mini dresses to help her flatter her curves. The beauty said that despite social distancing, she and her team still tried to bring a professional image. Some days, she changes up to three outfits in different activities. On her personal page, Miss Grand Thailand 2020 – Nam Chantarapadit – posted a photo of Thuy Tien and expressed her admiration for the fashion sense of Vietnamese beauties.

The representative of Vietnam and the contestants are entering the 12th day at Miss Grand International 2021. She is confident before the semi-final night, which will take place on December 2 in Bangkok.

Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien is 1.7 m tall, measuring three rounds of 82-61-91 cm, once entered the Top 5 and won the title of “Lovely Beauty” Miss Vietnam 2018. At Miss International 2018, Thuy Tien performed. good English ability, getting along with the candidates but not getting any achievements.

Miss Grand International is an annual beauty pageant, based in Thailand, held for the first time in 2013. The winner will travel to many countries to spread the message of “end wars” and violence”, promoting human rights. After seven times, the contest stopped taking place in 2020 because of the epidemic. Earlier this year, the contest returned in Thailand, the reigning Miss Evelyn Abena Appiah of the US, runner-up Ngoc Thao stopped in the top 20.

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