Thu Thuy sang the old hit

Thu Thuy chose to sing the hit song “Farewell words so easy to say, why are you”, “Why are you still in love” … with a new mix.

Thu Thuy sang “Farewell words so easy to say, bro” (Huy Cuong). Video: Thu Thuy Offical.

New candy (Duyen Huong) – Love love love (Duyen Huong and Dinh Cong Minh) – So easy to say goodbye, bro (Huy Cuong) – Why do you still love (Pham Ba Duc), opening music program Thu Thuy’s memories first season. These songs are in the album My way and The new candy, contributed to Thu Thuy’s popularity when separating the solo Cloud White group. After 15 years, she decided to join the C-show band and Cadillac group to perform again with a youthful mix. Thu Thuy set up a stage in a small tea room, singing in a space close to the audience.

Thu Thuy’s memories was Music series produced and performed by Thu Thuy, broadcast on Youtube. The singer said that when she performed these songs again, her feelings did not change. However, her singing style tends to a woman’s experience in life. In the past, she performed a song with the mood of a young girl in love.

Thu Thuy married businessman Kin Nguyen in July 2019. They both welcomed their daughter together last year. The singer has a son of his own. She sang from a young age, used to join two cult groups at a time – May Trang and HAT In 2005, she worked separately and had albums such as: The way I’m going, Microphone...

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