Thu Phuong celebrates 25 years of singing Viet Anh music

Thu Phuong will sing many new songs in the live concert “Autumn of Phuong”, celebrating 25 years of working with Viet Anh music.

Hai Phong’s original vocalist will perform the songs that make her and the musician’s names both famous, such as: The river is lazy, Flowers have gold there, Night is dreaming of the city, The season of flowers is left behind, There is no more autumn… In addition, Viet Anh wrote more songs for Thu Phuong, first performing on stage on October 29 at the Hoa Binh Theater in Ho Chi Minh City.

MV “Aloof River” – Thu Phuong. Video: YouTube Gold top hits 8x – 9x

According to Thu Phuong, article Lazy river performed by her at the Green Wave stage (1997) created a relationship in their musical journey. This song helped her become one of the 10 most popular singers of the year voted by the audience. In 2004, they reunited in America. Viet Anh gave the song Never for Thu Phuong to record, making a mark in the singer’s career. Then the music Night dreaming of the city, In the afternoon, the sea is empty continue to be loved by fans.

“Viet Anh’s music helps me get close to the audience and make an important impression during my 35 years of singing. I always think I’m very lucky,” Thu Phuong said.

Musician Viet Anh (left) and singer Thu Phuong.  Photo: Tang Tang

Musician Viet Anh (left) and singer Thu Phuong. Image: Tang Tang

With Viet Anh, Hai Phong’s original vocalist can both create his own songs and express his own personality. The wounds he sent in his music, Thu Phuong all recognized.

Ha Anh Tuan was the only guest in the concert. To have new repertoire, Viet Anh wrote a duet for the two singers.

Thu Phuong, born in 1972 in Hai Phong, is one of the golden voices of light music in Vietnam in the 1990s. The singer’s name is associated with a series of songs such as: Are you autumn in Hanoi? (music: Tran Quang Loc, poetry To Nhu Chau), Lazy river (Vietnamese-English), Like it hasn’t started yet (Duc Tri), Paper boat (Thai music, Vietnamese lyrics: Tuong Van)…

Thu Phuong celebrates 25 years of singing Viet Anh music

Thu Phuong sang “Never” at a music night in Hoi An (Quang Nam), in July. Video: YouTube Thu Phuong Official

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