This transparent London pool invents a new way to swim

The artist’s views of the project promised an incredible transparent swimming pool connecting two London buildings. With these licked 3D images, you sometimes have to be wary as they can improve reality. It must however be recognized that with this set of photos recently made public showing the use of this operational equipment for a few weeks, the reality is in all respects similar to the project.

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Called Sky Pool, this pool connects two towers of the Embassy Gardens program in London’s Battersea district. And in fact, this pool in the sky gives the sensation of flying almost as much as of swimming. Privileged swimmers can cover the 25 meters of the outdoor pool suspended 35 meters above the ground. The swimming pool was designed by HAL architects and was made with huge acrylic panels (see slideshow). If the project is despite everything cringe, it is not for any technical failures but rather because this equipment will remain reserved for a small number.

Because if the two buildings have social housing, their modest occupants will not be able to access this famous swimming pool. What made an architecture critic of the Guardian on Twitter: “It is a way of constantly reminding tenants of the social housing of this program, whose windows open directly onto the swimming pool, that they are excluded from it.” According to this newspaper, this access is impossible for them, even by paying an entrance fee.

36 cm thick bottom

A true technical feat, this swimming pool constitutes a bridge which connects the 15 meters of void between the two buildings. To fully play with transparency without a visible structure, the technical solution was to use acrylic panels that are already found in the largest aquariums on the planet. The bottom of the pool is thus no less than 36 centimeters thick against half (18 cm) for the side walls.

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