This ruined castle in Yvelines will regain its former glory

Does castle life appeal to you? Sautour castle in the residential town of Crespières, in the Yvelines (78), will be extensively restored. A tour de force achieved by Angelys Group, specialist in the restoration of old buildings and historical monuments for 20 years. This building dating from the first half of the 17th century, completely abandoned, must be completely renovated. “A real challengei”, according to Angélique Batlle, in charge of land research at Angelys Group.

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Nicknamed the Grand Hotel de Sautour, the castle, with trees on the northeast side and open on the southwest side, is flanked by two square towers. It has been in ruins since the 2000s, as evidenced by the roof in very poor condition and the many tags that cover the walls. This titanic project plans not to modify the structure of the building but to reinforce it. No demolition is therefore to be expected, but changes aimed at improving the thermal and acoustic comfort of the building in the common and private areas.

The repair techniques, respectful of the original building, will be carried out using original materials and in compliance with the rules of the art. The castle offers remarkable interior architectural elements such as its stone stairwells, its moldings and rosettes on the ceilings for example, its fireplaces or its partial wooden bases, which will be preserved and restored as much as possible. It will be the same for its ornaments made on the coatings of the facade. “The arches, bands and capitals will be preserved“, assures Angelique Batlle.

Eligible for Pinel and Vefa schemes

The castle will be divided into 12 lots, from T2 to T4, mostly duplexes, with rooms for bicycles and garbage cans. The smallest apartment will be 33 square meters. Parking spaces will also be installed in the park. This operation is aimed both at people wishing to acquire a main or secondary residence and at rental investors. “The castle must be the subject of major work so we have chosen to make the apartments eligible for the tax exemption system pinel.“, explains Angelique Batlle.

This device allows you to benefit from tax reductions. It is also eligible for Vefa or Sale in the future state of completion, which consists of buying a new property whose construction has not yet started or has not been completed. Among the advantages it offers: reduced notary fees and the guarantee of apparent defects. Delivery of the dwellings is expected in 2.5 years from the date of acquisition of the property.

This castle, 20 meters high and 33 meters long, is marked by a rich past: it originally belonged to a certain Claude de Picquet, before being sold by his heirs in 1681 to Louis Petit, comptroller king’s buildings. It was then successively occupied by different families, after the death of Louis Petit. The castle was notably enlarged and restructured in the 18th century. Then, from 1989, it passed into the hands of various real estate developers who neglected its maintenance.

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