Third dose: those vaccinated from the first hour who hesitate

On January 11, Léa will receive her third dose of the Covid vaccine. For this thirty-something, no question to ask. As she took her first two doses, she will take the third. With the same confidence in science and the same impatience to ” feel protected ”.

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Around her, however, determination has sometimes given way to hesitation. His mother, vaccinated twice, wonders: how many more doses will he have to receive? Her best friend is also delaying the deadline. “The first two times, I went there without batting an eyelid, but now I’m blocking”, explains the latter. Scared by the side effects of her second injection, she also fears that the Omicron variant will “Change the game”.

Doubts about the vaccine’s effectiveness

At the time of the recall, indecision seizes some French people, including among those vaccinated from the first hour. “The side effects don’t weigh that much in the balance, because they’ve been there before. What holds them back, it is rather the doubts about the effectiveness of the vaccine, notes Doctor Alain Rotivel, general practitioner in the Lyon region. They remain “pro-vaccine”, but they are a little disillusioned about their ability to get us out of the crisis. “

A feeling that the doctor observes especially in his young patients. “The majority of them have not been vaccinated to avoid serious forms of Covid but to avoid infecting their loved ones. Which, in some cases, did not work ” (the vaccine protects 40% of contaminations, Editor’s note).

More than reluctance, he feels a ” lack of motivation “. Which is sometimes fed by what Doctor Luc Duquesnel calls the “Moderna bashing”. Preferred for the booster dose due to low Pfizer stocks, this product “Arouses a lot of anguish among those who, the first two times, had received Pfizer”, underlines the president of the Les generalistes-CSMF union. “The authorities may explain that it does not make a difference, it is clearly a brake. “

“Protect your family, even imperfectly”

Coordinator of eight vaccination centers in Mayenne, Luc Duquesnel, however, notes a change in recent days. “Until a few weeks ago, we mostly saw those most worried about their health, mainly the elderly. But now that the incidence rate is on the rise, the profiles are getting younger. ” According to him, conditioning the health pass to the booster dose is not their only motivation. “We feel a realization that the epidemic, alas, is not behind us. And then there are the coming Christmas holidays. For many, doubts fade in the face of the desire to protect their family, even imperfectly. “

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Evidenced by the figures brandished by the Ministry of Health. On December 8, 630,781 booster doses were injected. In all, 12.27 million people received theirs, or 18.30% of the population. “At this stage, 7 million people have made an appointment for a recall by the end of December”, announced the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, promising the imminent opening of 8 million slots on platforms such as Doctolib.


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