They are stars in PFL and UFC: The toughest brothers in the world

With this place of birth it was somehow clear that the two of them were really hurting their opponents in the cage …

AUCHI – that’s the name of the city in Nigeria from which the toughest brothers in the world come, who are stirring up the MMA universe!

Mohammed Usman (32) fights Thursday in the US sensational MMA league PFL (Professional Fighters League) in the heavyweight division. BILD will broadcast the entire fight night live and exclusively in Germany from 11.30 p.m. German time.


Kamaru Usman (33) is the reigning UFC welterweight world champion. On the penultimate weekend at UFC 261 in Jacksonville / Florida, he completely dismantled UFC superstar Jorge Masividal. An amazing victory!

Mohammed wants to step a bit out of the shadow of his even more successful brother in the PFL. His fight record: 7 winners, 1 defeat. That can be seen! The opponent in the first heavyweight round of the PFL is Brandon Sayles (USA), an Army veteran from Hawaii.

In PFL circles, Kamaru is expected to stand in his brother’s corner on Thursday. That would be another star power for the event, which is commented on ESPN by UFC titan Randy Couture.

At UFC 261, Kamaru Usman (left) dominated his opponent Jorge MasvidalPhoto: USA TODAY Sports

PFL President Ray Sefo: “This fight can be incredibly hard and long – or it can be over in a flash. Both have already shown that they can finish their opponents quickly. Both of them are tough guys. Mohammed will certainly rely on his wrestling skills. But he’ll never be safe against Sayles. This duel can be the absolute showstealer of the event! Because both will go to a premature end! “

BILD shows the PFL live and exclusively. The fight night in Atlantic City (New Jersey) with ten fights can only be followed live from Germany with BILDplus!



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