These young people who do everything they can to live off their pensions from the age of 40

INVESTIGATION – Stopping work very early is often presented as the nirvana that would allow you to regain full control of your schedule. But behind this utopia hides a more laborious reality.

More and more of them are giving us a dream life. Behind their Instagram, Twitter or other accounts, they flood social networks with photos taken from all over the world and messages on the freedom found. Who are they ? Most of them are men, in their forties, and who have managed to leave the working world well before the usual retirement age. Some refer to themselves as frugalists, others unite within the Fire movement for Financial Independence and Retire Early.

In all cases, the objective is the same: to accumulate capital as quickly as possible and to become an annuitant, in order to retire from active life and find a healthier lifestyle, far from consumerism. The movement was born in the United States in the 90s with the publication of the book “Your Money or Your Life»(The purse or the life) written by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez.

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