These storage pros who invade our cupboards

Between successive confinements, moves, successions, lack of space, the French are increasingly seeking sorting and organization experts.

Assigned to home for long weeks for over a year, the French have become more sensitive to their housing. Some took advantage of the successive confinements to review the layout of their interior. If the DIY market thus recorded an exceptional boom in 2020 (+ 13% growth), a concomitant market is developing: that of storage and organization.

For lack of time, to optimize space, or because separating objects, packing boxes or emptying a house is not always easy, more and more French people occasionally call on storage professionals: “home and office organize“, or “storage coaches»According to the appellations. Already widespread in the United States, this emerging profession was popularized by the Japanese Marie Kondo who made storage a method and a philosophy of life. Netflix devoted a series to him in 2019. In the same vein, another show, also broadcast on Netflix, is a hit with

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