These small bosses who bear the brunt of the impact of the war in Ukraine

TESTIMONIALS – With soaring energy and commodity prices, many companies find themselves in difficulty.

After two years of health crisis, and when we thought the worst was behind us, a surge in energy and raw material prices is now hitting the economy. A particularly complicated situation to manage for many companies in France, which are seeing their costs soar. Testimonials from seven bosses at the heart of the storm.

The coup de grace for pig farmers

Samuel Blaisot is a pig farmer in Normandy and since the beginning of the year, when he gets up at 5:30 a.m., his habits have changed a lot. From now on, his first instinct is to rush to his computer and scrutinize the prices of raw materials. ” Since October we were already faced with a rise in prices but with the conflict in Ukraine, it’s the deathblow », admits the farmer. Between September and the end of March, a tonne of wheat took more than 100 euros, cakes 150 euros. ” Substantial increases which translate into an increase of 25 to 30 euros in production costs…

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