The transformation of a restaurant of the Paul Bocuse group into McDonald’s arouses the anger of the Lyonnais

A collective has launched a petition to oppose the sale to the American giant of this location occupied by the Ouest Express fast-food restaurant, owned by the Bocuse group.

From Paul Bocuse to McDonald’s, there is only one step … at least in Lyon. The city dear to the famous chef who died in 2018 will welcome a new fast-food restaurant from the American brand and the latter will replace a restaurant from the Paul Bocuse group. This is what has aroused the anger of residents who have launched a petition to prevent this transformation.

“We have other needs than a 32e McDonald’s in Lyon and we already have other fast food restaurants ”, denounces Alexandre, a Lyonnais very involved in the collective “NAMVI” (No Au Mcdo Vaise Industrie) which launched the petition after discovering the project on September 25th. Requesting the cancellation of the work authorization granted by the town hall, it collected more than 13,000 signatures.

Originally, it was a Ouest Express restaurant which occupied the location in the Vaise district in the 9e district of Lyon. Launched by the Bocuse group in 2008, the three establishments – (Lyon and Villefranche-sur-Saône) offer a fast food service “Respecting tastes and flavors”, we explain on the website. Eager to sell, the group therefore ceded the premises to the American giant explaining in Lyon Capital than “Only McDonald’s were able to afford it”. “I am not necessarily satisfied. It is far from a failure but this structure no longer corresponded to our expectations and we wanted to preserve the image of the brand.», Explains Paul-Maurice Morel, general manager of Bocuse establishments in the regional daily.

“Citizen engagement”

“Are we allowing this type of establishment to proliferate?”, laments Alexandre who sees in his fight a “Civic engagement”. If it succeeds, the collective militates for the creation of a “Hall of local producers in order to promote the farmers of the Metropolis of Lyon”. But, he knows the almost futile fight: “McDonald’s is in good standing. Basically, there is no way to oppose it ”. Despite this, he hopes that the mobilization, if it grows, will bend the heavyweight of fast food and force it to give up its establishment.

For its part, the ecologist town hall received the authors of the petition and assured them of supporting them and “That they were going to study the file again”, says Alexander. Contacted, neither Grégory Doucet, mayor of Lyon, nor Anne Braibant, mayor of 9e district did not wish to answer the questions of the Figaro. “We did not authorize the installation, since it is a private transaction. But we regret the symbol. McDonald’s is not really the sustainable food model that we defend ”, replied Camille Augey, trade assistant at Parisian .


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