The textile industry is at number two in terms of providing employment in the country, India’s size will increase due to coming

New Delhi: The population of the country can be judged that how big is the country’s textile industry. The textile industry is at number two in terms of providing employment in the country. It is believed that after coming to India Size, this business will increase further, because people will buy more clothes when they get the fittings of their choice. Read this report.

Economics of the Textile Industry-

  • The annual business of the current textile industry of the country is 14 thousand crore rupees.
  • The contribution of 10 thousand crore rupees is contributed by the domestic consumer alone.
  • 4 thousand crore The country’s textile industry gets the money through export.
  • The textile industry is second in terms of employment.

In the league of these countries India will join soon

Most countries of the world have prepared the national size according to the stature of their citizens. The number of such countries is 14. In which America, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Spain, Germany, Korea, China and Australia are the main countries and India will also join the league of these countries soon.

Big step to solve clothing fitting problem

To solve the problem of clothing fitting, the Ministry of Textiles, in collaboration with the National Institute of Fashion Technology, is standardizing the size of clothing at the national level, which will be the indigenous standard of clothing.

IndiaSize Principal Investigator Prof Nupur Anand has said that a national sizing survey will be conducted to make India size, under which we will measure 25 thousand people in 6 cities pan India and take their data and prepare a body size chart, which is According to our Indian population. So that with this we get clothes that are according to our body shape and size.

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